Our Values

We Stand By Our Commitments

P&C Trucking is driven by a passion to put people to work and change lives every day. We are guided by our values and stand by our commitments with our Customer Service Promise.


Our Values

  • Be optimistic. We believe there is a solution to every problem. We are innovative, discovering new ways to get results.
  • Be passionate. We are committed to doing good, and will go above and beyond.
  • Be accountable. We empower our people to take personal responsibility and have an impact.
  • Be respectful. We listen and learn from each other, and embrace our diverse views and experiences.
  • Be true. We are true to who we are and what our customers need.

Customer Service Promise

At P&C Trucking, we promise to keep your business moving forward with professional driver solutions for all your transportation needs. We also promise you a solid customer service experience, every time. That’s why we’re proud to stand behind our 8-point Customer Service Promise.

  1. We will build and maintain regular, direct and thoughtful communication with your management and front-line supervisors.
  2. We will not accept any assignment without a clear understanding of every aspect of the job.
  3. We will only assign drivers who meet both P&C Trucking’s rigorous hiring standards and your specific requirements.
  4. We will meet or exceed all time commitments.
  5. We will proactively notify you of any service failures and work to provide straight-forward solutions to avoid their recurrence.
  6. We will partner with your management team to create driver staffing solutions that help you reduce risk and grow your business.
  7. We will ensure you have an accurate understanding of P&C Trucking’s business practices, policies and capabilities.
  8. We will meet or exceed all DOT, compliance and safety standards for each P&C Trucking driver.

If we fail to live up to any of these standards at any time, please call P&C Trucking President Paul Zielinski at 1-724-732-2073

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