Hours Of Service Training Videos

The new federal Hours of Service regulations, set to take effect July 1, 2013, dictate how drivers spend their time, both work and rest. These training videos talk through all the need-to-know changes to guarantee compliance.

The video host, Don Jerrell, is an associate vice president at HNI and has 25-plus years in the transportation industry.

1. Who Do the Hours of Service Apply To?

2. How Do I Fill Out a Logbook?

3. On-Duty Definition 

4. An Overview of HOS

5. What’s Different About HOS? [Mandatory Break]

6. Examples of How the New HOS Will Work

7. How the Split Sleeper Berth HOS Regulation Works

8. Exceptions to the HOS: The 34 Hour Restart

9. The Short Haul Exemption to HOS

10. Frequently Asked Questions about HOS

Please contact an HNI relationship manager for insight on regulations and risk management. For more information or to request a free DVD, email info@hni.com or call toll free 800-236-4464.

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