Warning: Fake Trooper Making Traffic Stops

Police are on the hunt for a man who is trying to appear to be one of their own. A North Carolina Sheriff is warning that a man has been posing as a N.C. Highway Patrol trooper and is pulling people over. According to Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller, an … More here

Pride Founder Takes Responsibility For Restroom Video Camera

The founder of Pride Stores, the truck stop chain that has been in the news after two truckers found a video camera installed in the men’s bathroom, has come forward to take responsibility for the camera – but says that the media has it all wrong. Two truckers contacted a … More here

Congress Issues Out of Service Order for CSA

While CSA has been responsible for an increase in the focus on safety culture at thousands of motor carriers, Vigillo has been very vocal about the defects that exist in the data and methodology that fail to recognize the investment of time, money and talent motor carriers deploy toward ever … More here

DEA Used Company’s Truck, Got A Driver Killed In Botched Drug Sting, And Won’t Pay A Cent

A U.S. District Judge has just ruled that the government agency responsible for using a company’s truck in a botched drug sting that got a driver killed and caused $100,000 worth of damage to the truck won’t have to pay the company owner anything for their mistake. All the way … More here

DOT Proposes Only One Safety Fitness Determination: “Unfit”

The FMCSA announced late last week that it is planning to change the way it ranks the safety fitness of carriers. The proposed Safety Fitness Determination rule would do away with the current three-tier system in favor of just one ranking: “Unfit.” According to DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx, the current … More here

House Passes Bill, Says No To Weight Increases, CSA Scores; Yes To Young Drivers

Congress has voted to pass a six-year highway funding bill by the wide margin of 363 to 64, but only after lengthy debate over some proposed amendments to the bill. Contention over heavier trucks, CSA scores, fuel tax increases, carrier hiring standards, under-21 interstate driving, and approximately 70 other amendments … More here

Study: 2013 hours-of-service rule increased crashes, hurt safety

The number of truck-involved crashes and subsequent injuries and tow-a-ways increased in the year and a half the more restrictive 2013 hours-of-service rules were in effect, according to a study released April 29 by the American Transportation Research Institute. The catalyst for the increase in crashes, ATRI says in its report, … More here